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Book Abecedarian

August 10, 2021
By Daniel_Zhang SILVER, Blairstown, New Jersey
Daniel_Zhang SILVER, Blairstown, New Jersey
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A boat sailing on the endless sea of knowledge — a

book. We call this great treasure a book.

Centuries ago, it was books that

dug humans out of their pit of ignorance,

exhibiting the charm of languages and cultures,

flowering a proliferation of grand ideas,

grounding numerous magnificent civilizations.

Hundreds of thousands of thoughts collide,

inspiring each other for further progress.

Just like a miracle, ordinary people can now

know our fabulous world from knowledge previously

limited only to the elite, and this

miracle can be passed on to the

next generation. The work of professionals

opens a door for opportunities and grants readers a

pair of pure eyes seeking truth and

questions for further exploration. The work of novelists

releases pressure from the real world, relaxing readers’

senses and passing messages believed to be worth

telling. Books become close friends with the readers who

understand their value, because they make knowledge

visualized. As long as books exist, the fire of civilization

won’t be extinguished. Books and readers form a

xenial relation, as the joy of reading raises

zeal in guest readers to imagine and explore new mysteries.

The author's comments:

This poem is for my love of reading.

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on Aug. 11 at 2:26 pm
JustMe_Vaanya SILVER, Dehradun, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Una Vida, I have come to accept that I cant experience everything in life. But what I will, I'll experience deeply..."
-Shivya Nath

This is soo good...! I love reading books too, like VERY MUCH!