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I See Her

August 3, 2021
By AhanaChandra BRONZE, New York, New York
AhanaChandra BRONZE, New York, New York
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I See Her

I see her run.

I see her swim.

I see her defy gravity.

I see her courage when she says no.

I see her reach for those golden stars.

I see a world that was unkind and unjust

To these heroes of today.

I see them push through anyway.

I see her eyes filled with ambition,

Her heart filled with determination,

As she brings pride to her nation.

I see a better future,

A spark growing into a fierce fire

Each time she inspires.

I see in her a spirit shared

By her sisters who compete by her side

And by those who are yet to follow in her strides.

I see her.

And maybe I will someday be her

The author's comments:

Hi! I wrote this piece through the eyes of a young girl who is watching female athletes compete at the Olympics. I wanted to explore how I could put into writing the significance of this event and the athletes who compete in it. Personally, I find it so powerful and inspiring to watch female athletes compete (and win!) because of their resilience in the face of the challenges women and girls face today, and I know so many girls around the world feel the same way.

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