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July 5, 2021
By AIDENBB SILVER, Delray Beach, Florida
AIDENBB SILVER, Delray Beach, Florida
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" People call these things imperfections, but they're not, that's the good stuff." -Sean McGuire (Robin Williams)

Fulsome and foolsome

I catch sight and try to paint it as if it's funny

But instead I see you crying, tears just like honey

Running down the vastness of your face

The ghost of a storm, still lingering on the outside will play tricks on you

Fraught with worry

And soon tears just like honey 

Will rain down your thighs 

Leaving your spirit dry

Why do you cry you sunny girl

Burgeoning with dismay down by the raceway 

Stemming from that day you still knew very well 

Sundered very since the first step

And you could almost hear what was coming next 

Sugary streams beaming out your eyes

And I no longer wanted to go out tonight

I just wanted you to stay within these arms

As if I could hear your sniffling say

For me to stay

I feel I might've made you old

Wrinkled your thoughts and your heart

Through no open calumny of mine,

But by reeling you around

Fingered combs fankled in the half-light

The asperity was not within my graze and my hold

It's that merely moments after you've been crowned

Tears just like honey replace words being said

And all that's left is my empty mold in the haven of this bed

And I can't hide the green gold-tinted fields 

That you want, that you'd think would be an easy ride

But reality is

The cavil of your now restless nights

The now broken stoney path

The mist that lowers leveling serenity producing a morgue

It has begun and will leave you venerated and broken in time


Although I may have not falsely lead you down this path,

I've made you get out of bed more than twice

With intentions to smell the flowers

But soon it'll only be shadows that bloom

Fulsome and foolsome

Oh how I lie thy down, love in our bones

But now the clock above our cradle

Whos hand’s importance is anewed

Leaves you crying, roads leading towards your lips, shining in the moonlight

Tears just like honey

Here comes heartbreak

The author's comments:

It's strange having someone cry in your arms after a happy moment. It's juxtaposition personified.  

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