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Matriarch; Icarus and Daedalus MAG

June 8, 2021
By Anonymous

Even if I know, Mother, that you'll dismiss
this as an adolescent outburst of emotion,
even when you're so irrevocably blind as to
see the fault of your actions, rest easy, for
I love you.

Even if my love for you is like a bullet to the
artery, even if the hemorrhage will weaken
my body but maintain me alive enough to
see the tears on your face (or the smile).
At times, I'm swimming in liquid amour for
you, for you've always been the one and
only confidante in my life, my only friend,
but other times, I wonder if I really came
out of your womb.

I've got half a mind to open my windows
and ask the One above for counsel on the
roof, I've got half a mind to take up my bike
and ride through the desolate lanes of
suburbia in an eternal purgatory, I've got
half a mind to go into the forest and give
myself over to Bacchus, just to spite you.

But I've got a full mind to drop the pencil,
turn off the lights, and fall asleep. Fall
asleep and discard into oblivion that you
ever carved my heart out of my chest, and
left my body on the pavement lane of our
driveway, I've got a full mind to forgive you.
Once more.

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