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I Usher You

May 4, 2021
By Alexandriaminakshi PLATINUM, Durgapur, Other
Alexandriaminakshi PLATINUM, Durgapur, Other
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I caught a queer sight
Of a woman in an aquarium
She was like an unborn baby
Latent in her mother’s womb
Fishes in the air ,
It was as if they had been
Thrown into the air due to
her weight !
I saw her and wondered as the
thunder rumbled !
She was the most beautiful kind
I had ever seen!
Her body was Incandescently bright,
In the dark cold water
Which always waits to devour you
It waits to finish you off ! it waits!
The sea is neither my friend nor yours
She lighted it up, she was one among the fishes .
Behemoth of vengeance towards the unknown engulfed me.
I don’t known what it is and
will never know
The woman faded into dark cold
“ uncertainty “
As my memory receded.
I never saw her again
Neither did she!
Don’t we all merit it
It is probably the only thing
We merit : redemption
From worldly fears and sorrows
She merited it ; I will merit it someday
Where do we go? We don’t fall
into the containers of
His graceful craftsmanship
But we directly fall into his arms !
Arms of love that
Will never trade you for the immaterial
I love him like I love him always
But sometimes I succumb to my own -
The inconstancy is just not personal to me.
It is a common phenomenon
That mankind never accepts!
Will I ever see the light of the glory!
Will I ever see with these
Earthly eyes of mine or do they
need to become heavenly!
Believe me:-
My love proliferates like
How all these flowers
Seem to cherish the
Presence of spring
Pink in September
Orange in April
My love yet fades
Sometimes like the
Fastest months of the
Year: April; May
But like the violent
Fit of cough
It surges back in
Some people usher
But I usher you!
I love you an enormous amount
Whether you hear my bare
heart or not
It’s true

by Alexandria 

The author's comments:

An attempt to reflect on my past !!!!

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