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Friendship: Defined

April 21, 2021
By Mist SILVER, Anchorage, Alaska
Mist SILVER, Anchorage, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
"For you, I would."

Friendship is… 

One half of a necklace

given to you by your BFF 

in third grade.

A bracelet

you wear proudly

for others to see.

Sharing your

Oreo cookie at lunch

even when it’s 

the last one you have.

The smile you receive

and return

at the end of a long day

no matter how tired you are.

Friendship is… 

A text left on read

when you can’t hang out.

Talking behind your back.

Whispers in the hallways.

Pressure to follow the trends and

become someone you’re not.

Being ignored when your opinion differs.


at what you’ve done wrong and


because there’s nothing you can do.

Watching the people

who were once your




drift off together into the

foggy distance

leaving you behind, unremembered.

Friendship is… 

growing up.

Leaving toxicity behind,

meeting new people.

Boarding an airplane to a foreign place

on your own.

Finally meeting a group

of people you truly identify with.

Genuine laughter.

Mischievous plans.

Late nights out.

Parties with alcohol.

Cramming for exams.

Having the time of your life.

Friendship is… 

a pathway.

An intricate maze

leading you through life.

A handmade blanket 


with the unpredictable.

Something beyond words

and money and fame.

Friendship is…  

the smile

the hug

the understanding

in the air when

you’re with just one.

Stolen glances


stumbling words 

quickened heartbeats and

nervous butterflies.

Not-so-secret letters 

sent with roses.

The confession 

after dinner

at twilight.

Friendship is… 




A bridge.

Running into a world beyond

when you’re ready.

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