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Saints in Purple Scrubs

March 25, 2021
By MAC-HAB BRONZE, Wyndmere, North Dakota
MAC-HAB BRONZE, Wyndmere, North Dakota
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To the saints in purple scrubs,

You made the pain less.

Even though I had a tube in my arm,

And a wrong in my blood,

You smiled.


Saints in purple,

Sent straight from heaven,

You made the pain lessen.

Saints in purple,

We were not new to the floor,

But I was new to the chair.

I knew the floor and the people,

But not the pain first hand.


Saints in purple,

Who made the pain leave for a moment,

They knew my name,

Yet, I don't remember theirs.


Red band on my hand,

Infusion comes down from my IV.

Saints in purple,

Just as awesome as the numbing spray.

They made the pain go away for a moment of the day.


Saints in purple,

Little bits of the sun's rays,

You made my day.

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CJ-The-Tall-Poet SILVER, San Diego, California
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