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Depressed Heartache

March 24, 2021
By abigailn1 BRONZE, Bogalusa, Louisiana
abigailn1 BRONZE, Bogalusa, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Everyone has a part of themselves that they hide. Even from the ones they love most."

It hurts, like being cut with a dull knife. 
Like saying I love you, but for the last time.  
Like not knowing when, or where, or why. 
 Like crying on the inside.  
It hurts. 
Like maggots crawling within your chest.  
Needing sleep but cannot rest.  
Being wrong but trying your best.  
Like having feelings, unexpressed.  
It hurts.  
Trying to speak but getting ignored. 
Having everything yet wanting more. 
Feeling fine, but your chest is sore.  
Give your heart, for it just to be poured.  
It hurts.  
Like having a mom, that doesn’t care. 
Like having a family, that’s never there. 
Like making a promise or making a swear. 
Like wiping a tear because life isn’t fair. 
It hurts.  
Like way too many days of rain. 
Like being tied up to a chain. 
Like having a smile while feeling pain.  
Like cutting your wrist but missing your vein. 
It hurts.  
Like being told you're not enough. 
Feeling weak, while being tough.  
Going to sleep but not waking up. 
Being a kid, told to grow up. 
It hurts.  
Like trying to breathe but feel like you're choking. 
Having a heart but not having emotions. 
Mind going crazy, a mental explosion. 
Loving somebody that has no devotion. 
It hurts.  
Like needing help but not knowing how.  
Like wanting to scream, but not out loud.  
Like being lifted, but then put right back down. 
Lost in your thoughts, your heads in the clouds. 
It hurts.  
People's voices going through your head. 
Don’t know why but they want you dead. 
Want to be happy but can’t so pretend.  
Things you want to say, unsaid.  
It hurts.  
Hurt behind all the fake laughter. 
All your feelings, they don’t matter.  
Had a big heart, but it’s been shattered.  
Laying in a casket, family crying, a pastor. 
It hurts.  

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