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Listen to Me, My Child

March 17, 2021
By Susiedailan BRONZE, Pennington, New Jersey
Susiedailan BRONZE, Pennington, New Jersey
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Listen to Me, My Child

— A Poem to Five-Year-Old Me

It was a time of fresh dream and lovely fantasy:

You embraced the sunlight, the sky, and the moist soil, 

You heard the murmuring river, 

Rushing joyfully across the canyon; 

The waving emerald tapestry of trees, 

Your flowing red dress, and the silver lock ’round your neck

Shining, tinkling with crisp and timid sounds;

The colorful beads on your hat like an ancient pattern

Hanging around your furry maroon hair, dancing to the wind.

O look at your curious shining eyes,

Searching, wondering, imagining —

You, the fairy daughter of Nature, 

Plucking red roses petals and humming tunes,

Found the magic and joy of existence,

Passing a flame of light through your angelic smile,

A soul as white and clean 

As intact new snow on a pine.

But listen to me, my child, 

One day there will be 

A frown between your brows

A sigh from your lips

A tear in your eyes

A bruise in your heart. 

For here is a world of human imperfection

When magic can grow dark, red roses blood your fingers with thorns,

When the silver lock of safety tangles your dancing limbs,

And a gray cloud shadows over the scarlet dress. 

Listen to me, my child, there is

Something to hold on to and keep,

Something you were blessed with when you walked into the world:

That your mind is full of colorful stories to tell, 

Your imagination will shelter you

When the world is too cold to bear. 

And then will you revisit and embrace,

Those rainbow dreams of a girl,

Who sees not the grief, but the hope and love of the world.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem as a sixteen-year-old adolesent girl to the five-year-old me in the past, to give admonish but also love and caring to the younger version of myself. In a way, I want her to grow mature to be ready to face the complex world, but in another sense, I appreciate and cherish the colorful imagination and innocence of my childhood. 

I got the inspiration when examining a picture of the five-year-old me, which I attached below. Vivid imagery, memory and conversation then came into my mind when I started the poem. 

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