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The World In My Hands

March 7, 2021
By Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
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what if we’re like butterflies

I like the way sand slips through my hands, the way the wind pushes the waves

The sun on my skin, makes me feel from deep within

Getting to look at the sky, it hurts to say goodbye

I defy most everything in this world, but I just want to fly in its sky

I'm in love with this place, and everything that awaits

I may not understand the way it works, but I have faith

If others could see it the way I do, they would see it displays beautiful creations

A world full of imagination and innovation, with too many regulations and complications

It's the finer things in life, that attract the eyes

But just look at the sky, it's brighter than diamonds

Every night I look upon the horizon, I hear sirens and crime all in the night

I'm no longer frightened by tyrants or giants, lifes more powerful than its clients

This is my world, and it is my life

I claim it as mine, and i'm determined to shine just as bright as the sky

I'll do what it takes, and let nothing get in my way

I'll wear the energy of this world as an accessory, but more than anything as a treasured necessity

The author's comments:

Life is so beautiful once you learn to appreciate it.

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