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Smile Sister

February 1, 2021
By ilanadrake PLATINUM, New York, New York
ilanadrake PLATINUM, New York, New York
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White teeth plastered
Post it notes on the fridge
Straight A’s brought back
With a My Little Pony lunch bag

My Little Pony turns into brown bags
Less art on the fridge
No more pink bows
Or sparkly headbands

Brown bags go to money
Green cash rushes into the economy
Like the greenhouse gases
Emitted into our atmosphere

Kidz Bop goes to Disney and then to Drake
Naive becomes different
Experienced becomes normal
And life starts to twist
Like the swirls on the fridge 
From the five year old girl
Who just wanted to color

Magic markers are shortened
Magic becomes fake
News is not filtered
And the world seems like a mistake. 

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