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In Our Heads

January 30, 2021
By Speckled_Heron BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Speckled_Heron BRONZE, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." - Gandalf

Trickling of a creek

A soft undertone

Hidden under rocks

Whispering the hint of time

Echoes of laughter mingling with

A scrambled web of memory

Tiny creatures flitting past

Figments of a world we created

so long ago.


A quiet alcove, surrounded by trees

The water so still, untouched

Neglected and missing those days

Once rippling with splashes from

excited feet, pursuing the next adventure

Chasing lizards, evasive,

while we thought of



When time was only a number on

the face of the clock on the wall,

We could forget it even existed

back when stories had

no hidden meanings

Unburdened by responsibility

Being, now

here in our heads

was the only thing

that mattered.


Nothing new to see

Landmarks we’ve visited

Countless times

We came for the endless possibilities

only we could hear the voices

calling us



Schools of glittering fish, darting

Sunlight dapples on the rocks, dancing

Branches woven overhead,

Tangled imperfection

It was

magic, powers unseen

to anyone

But us.


We never knew real hunger

Cake scooped from a bag, and we

Ate like it was the only food

in days

Because there,

in our heads

it was.


With each day we returned

We uncovered  

A new mystery

Waiting to be solved. And we

thought we could stay there,


for the rest of



The dull stone, slipped into a pocket

Just like all the others, but heavy

with significance

an ancient secret

Shared only by us.

And when we look at it,

Years later

We still remember what it



Historians of a jigsaw history

We wrote, lived,

can’t forget

Now we laugh

like it was silly

like it was all just a game

But there,

in our heads, it was real.

So real.

The author's comments:

This was inspired by the many adventures I shared with my best friend at the creek near our house. 

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on Jul. 23 2021 at 2:15 pm
FirstSteps5000 SILVER, Bethesda, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"If you reach for the stars, you'll just get the stars. Reach for the heavens and you get the stars thrown in." - unknown
"These aren't just stories,"... …"They're whole kingdoms. They're worlds. They're perspectives and opinions you can't offer, from lives you haven't lived." - The Isle of the Lost
"When someone does something hurtful, they have to admit it... [t]hen they have to be punished for it. And maybe then, if they apologize and change, maybe -maybe- *then* they get forgiven." - The One and Only Bob

Wow! The cadence of this, it drew me in!