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Blood Sweat and Tears

January 29, 2021
By SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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It Will Be Good.


bathing in it,

the taste is sweet as if love,

pumped from my heart,

in the pain i wish i 

had only but learned the art,

surviving in this tumult,

chaos every turn,

I'm about to bleed out,

find my ashes in my urn,

this perfect world i built up,

no matter how i spin it,

ultimately I'm an ignorant pup,

this world without a Savior,

and i know ill never make it

but my foolish misbehavior,

my pride blinded me for the last time


Toiling endlessly,

fruitlessly in earth ever wet

with the preparation off my back

trying to make something more

then the dust of my ruins charred black

blowing in a wind

a windsong singing failure

reminders of how i have sinned

the hot sun speaking of redemption

of repentance and love

i look away, back into my inception

sin within sorrow

dripping off my back into the infertile earth

black earth of my own creation waiting for the morrow

when again shall i toil

and work and work forevermore


dripping sorrow speaking of the truth

the insignificant drop yet again appears

pleading for me to turn to salvation

again i reject it

flicking the acursed thing of my own tormented creation 

then again looking at the kingdom i seek to build

and i laugh at what creation lies here

the shattered ruins of what i tried to gild

the fools gold twinkling in mockery

the pyrite reminder of i the fool

and broken like crockery

there i laugh and cry

cackle like the mad creature i am

shackled in my own human blindedness refusing the greatest ally

ignoring my God

i stand alone in a field of ash and cinder

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on Apr. 19 at 8:07 pm
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
146 articles 22 photos 538 comments

Favorite Quote:
It Will Be Good.

everything i write does. in realty, im not aware of it(i do have blocked out trauma)

on Apr. 19 at 7:45 pm
Lydiaq PLATINUM, Somonauk, Illinois
43 articles 12 photos 265 comments

Favorite Quote:
Normal people don't know what they're missing.

Wow, it sounds as though you have been through a lot.