December 5, 2019
By lavannnyaa PLATINUM, Agra, Other
lavannnyaa PLATINUM, Agra, Other
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All we need to do is find someone who tells us that we're worth fighting for.

We, humans, come in last year's dusty gift boxes packed with worn out tapes. passed to different relatives on different occasions. In between all these journeys of getting passed into different hands, sometimes we start forgetting to whom we actually belong. Don't stop, but from now on, at each halt, keep reminding yourself that you are beautiful.

1. Every time you were glued to your mobile phone's screen while having your dinner, your Maa silently waited for you to tell her how you liked the food. So from now on, whenever she prepares food for you, pass a smile and kiss her hands. You will feel warm and protected.

2. Someday sit with your father and remind him that you are proud to be called his child. He carries a lot of gift boxes on his shoulders and might want some support. Go on an ice-cream outing with him, the way you both used to do when you were a kid. But this time, you buy him his favourite ice cream.

3. We all come in layers of intricacies. Sometimes it gets difficult to continue, but sometimes staying is the only witness of continuing. So hold on to the relationship you are struggling with. Next time you both meet, reminisce all the moments you both have shared and add one more to the list.

4. All the times you asked, "How are you?" to someone, were you actually willing to listen? People only come once. If lost, the guilt becomes your child, but never comes out of your womb and remains there forever. Sometimes all someone wants is a listener. Become one for them.

5. This world is a canvas painted with a thousand beautiful things. Your eyes have seen them so many times that now, they have become blind and you refuse to notice them. Embrace and appreciate the beauty of little things around you. Become one for someone else.

6. This gift box needs some rest. Go to a beach, sit by the seashore, watch the sunset and unwrap yourself. See the sun blending into a hundred colors of nature. Remind yourself that you are one of them. Embrace your beauty. Immerse your feet in water and see the shadow forming in it telling you, "FOR YOU, A THOUSAND TIMES OVER!" Breathe, smile, illuminate and keep going on.

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