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Skimming through moments

July 26, 2019
By lavannnyaa PLATINUM, Agra, Other
lavannnyaa PLATINUM, Agra, Other
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Where am I?
Somewhere near my heart pours love.
I find glimpse of magic.
I know what I’m feeling,
And it gives me joy.
Breeze and I are hugging,
We see no one but ourselves.
Foggy streets are telling me stories;
No prince, no princess, only commoners,
Commoners’ tales,
Where they wake up, do routines
And still find happiness.
The tales that will be invisible in books
But, not in Life.
I see places, people
And I see mosaic reflections of mine,
We’re everyone but we’re bizarre.
The high-heeled trees shed leaves
And make souvenirs.
Withered flowers start to look for new hopes,
The blooming buds themselves a hope,
And I see hope in mud,
An oasis of hope everywhere.
I’m staring at the water while
Sun’s touching it with rays.
The flow of water keeps me alive,
And it tells me to flow with life.
Hills do not scare me,
It shows me how magnificent
The world is, in just one view.
It is clouded and
Doves are singing lullabies,
The stars are winking at us
And saying; shine, shine.
The burning light inside is resting,
It will glow again and again,
It will never dim. Never.
And I’m blissful.

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