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If the sun goes down east

July 17, 2019
By TN SILVER, Muncie, Indiana
TN SILVER, Muncie, Indiana
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The sun sets, it peers over the waters

The sea yawns, swallowing up the light

Your head rests on my shoulder

Together we watch the sun go down

I hear you slowly breathing, I feel my heart slow


At times I could not breathe

The abusers want to hurt us

They had taken us again today

Abused us till we could barely move

Now we still hurt, nothing more to say


But if the sun goes down east tomorrow

The sea won’t wail quite the same

The days will quake and sway

Knowledge will vibrate and quiver

But I will be okay


‘Cause if the sun comes up west tomorrow

The harassers will be packing for the stars

Now the world has turned on its head

Too bad NASA hasn’t figured out Mars


Your family and friends will try and leave

But you won’t need them

My heart sinks down east, you know

When you hold me you can see

That yours, too, comes up west


But if the sun goes down east

We won’t need each other

Together or alone we will thrive

We will be forever free and alive


But so long as the sun goes down west

Earth is still out of sync


There’s nothing we can do

The abusers will come for us

And we remain nobodies

Getting nowhere, adrift at blind sea


Tomorrow seems neither dark nor bright

We survive but we don’t live

For in this world we cannot swim

So stay and drift with me

Till the sky’s face bores you

And the wave’s sound disheartens you


Though, when you decide to go

We’ll meet again soon after

On the seafloor amongst some ancient people

Who have also hoped to see the sun rise west

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