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Maths and Metaphors

July 3, 2019
By lavannnyaa PLATINUM, Agra, Other
lavannnyaa PLATINUM, Agra, Other
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Favorite Quote:
All we need to do is find someone who tells us that we're worth fighting for.

You said that when you were trying to find the value of variable "x"
I came into your life.
I hit you with great momentum.
It took time for you
to understand my velocity.

You were always weak at Maths.
You associated it with people.
Both of them suck.
I hated your metaphorical poems.
You felt that they made your pain look more beautiful.
I called it an excuse for masochism.

You never understood my Maths.
And I, your metaphors. 
We both tried to learn each other's language.
But still couldn't.
It doesn't mean we didn't try. 
We did. A lot.
We were like the students
who apply Pythagoras Theorem 
when Pythagorean Triplet is asked.

You see, how being with you
even I became weak at Maths.
Making some stupid mistakes.
Now even you didn't use metaphors.
You stopped writing poems. 
Our love was becoming like chromatin present in DNA,
always having an entangled structure.
It became like the straight line shown in ECG.
A dead end.
Our question got so difficult 
that we decided to leave it in between.
We tore both the question paper and the answer sheet.

But now when I look back
I realize we were just applying some wrong formula
and ended up screwing the whole paper.
We could never solve the question.
Our LHS and RHS never got "hence proved". Now I feel that the problem was we were trying too hard to learn each other's language.
Trying to become someone
who we were not.
Forgetting that even in Maths
which is full of theorems and proofs,
LHS is not always equal to RHS.
Then we were just two sensitive beings.

We were forgetting that it's okay,
it's okay for two trains to run with their own respective speeds.
They will still reach the destination.
Somehow, they will meet.
Slowly but someday, somewhere.
We forgot that it's OKAY to be who you are and still love the other person,
accepting them in the way they are.

But now, I feel metaphors are somehow better than Maths.
Not as complicated as people.

Now I like poetry.
And you might be liking Maths.
Maybe you might be the one
teaching maths now
somewhere to someone.
And I am the one here
writing poems
containing 'math'-aphorical metaphors.
And yeah! you too.

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