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July 2, 2019
By noomy BRONZE, Yuba City, California
noomy BRONZE, Yuba City, California
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he was a traitor to his future
a traitor to his pastimes,
to his smoke

he was bound to chains
that caressed the being of good
the horridness of selflessness

he was a being bound to 
ones he cannot ever trust
nor console ones flame

there was no solution
to this wretched agony
that carved into his soul

there was no way to save
to rescue such being 
from the grasps of heaven

he was once a demon
but no longer pointed
as such vividness

he was a fallen foe
a fallen epiphany of dark
and a transformation of new

he was a friend and an enemy
the very being of an
undying soul

but now he is light
the very light that breaks
our darkness

the very light that sheds
our fears and our horrids
of the wrongdoings to ourselves

he is one with the blossom of light
yet his mind and heart horridly
cling to the premises of the dark

The author's comments:

this piece is about a demon who has now faced the deeds of good. he is soon "bound" to the chains of good deeds and is slowly transforming into an angel, or a fallen demon in my case. 

yet he doesnt want to be one with the good so his mind is always back to the dark. he is all alone, as the angels and demons do not consider him an ally or friend. this gives him more of a reason to crave his past life as a demonic form.

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