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The thought of a Wanderer at Rest

July 2, 2019
By aranyani123 BRONZE, Gurugram, Other
aranyani123 BRONZE, Gurugram, Other
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The thought of a Wanderer at Rest 

I’d like to travel again

I’d like to give up the fixed routine

I ‘d travel aimlessly

With no definite design.

For isn’t it dull to decide..

I’d see stars…

Sitting by the beach side.

And during the day.

If I felt that way…

I might take a walk by the sea


 I’d sing a little song

 Feel the blazing heat..

And hope there’ll be a breeze

But If the wind feels jolly that day

It might take my hat away..

I’d chase after it

And we might play a little game that day

Once we tire

I ‘d dream

A little dream

Listening to its tired murmurs , whispers

Sleeping by the sea.


I’d visit place after place

And see much of what’s there  to see

Yet much of it would remain a mystery to me

And I’d see many people

Many that I have never seen

I’d know nothing of them

They little of me

But it matters not a whit Neither That.. 

nor the place we’d be

For we’d dance

we’d sing

And marvel at

 the simple joy of being


Once we’re done.

And everyone’s gone

I’d have to tell the  sea

 Thanking it then

for being a patient silent witness

With so little to say to me

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