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The age of a game

July 1, 2019
By Shayla.Long DIAMOND, Louisville, Kentucky
Shayla.Long DIAMOND, Louisville, Kentucky
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"Teenagers only have to focus on themselves - its not until we get older that we realize that other people exist."- Jennifer Lawrence

This morning I took a second

To realize I’m always thinking of you

So I listened to Taylor Swift songs

And pretended it could ever be him


I go anywhere

And plan a reunion

A party planner with no clients

A lost soul with no return


It hurts me today and it will hurt tomorrow

But yesterday I miss you.

And next week I dream of you.

I love you every day.


I lay in the movement

As if I’m not crying

And listen to your favorite song

To hear the ghost of your voice.


I feel our eight hour difference

and our four year distance.

And I know you do, too.

I love you every day.


I scream in your ear for you to come back

And I cry for peace

From the memories years ago

Druggie pizzas and ways to clean up quick


Late nights and later cries

Clients fry and customers die

But the game keeps playing

Of druggie pizzas and ways to clean up quick


Did you ever think of me?

The shell of the girl who’s father you stole

And heart you threw away

With the bat of an eyelash

And the flick of a handcuff late at night


Flash forward to razor blades and regretted letters

Terror and pain

Unimaginable but inescapable


Death defying and truth relying

The age of an epidemic

Of druggie pizzas and ways to clean up quick

Of memories that kill me silently and make me choke on my mind.

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