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Hidden away

June 9, 2019
By rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
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i never opened my eyes 

i refused to see the light 

i was mislead by your lies

and all the tails that took me for free

somewhere far from all the light

into the darkness of the night

you made it feel so all right

looking at things from that height

it felt so light

all the truth well disguised

all the secrets hidden inside 

started to cry for the light

all the truths and lies denied

opened up like a child

running away in the wild

seeking for the goodness of the light

came out of its hide

now my eyes are open wide

craving for to see the light

run into the open wide

into the brightness of the sky

to lead me away from all the awful lies

and all the truth to unhide

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