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She Was Perfectly Fine

June 6, 2019
By c_doc24 SILVER, Lafayette, New Jersey
c_doc24 SILVER, Lafayette, New Jersey
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"Not all who wander are lost."

The girl enjoyed stories, says the cluttered bookshelves 
tacked on her bedroom walls; 
Very playful too, says the scars  
upon her knees and elbows; 
Painting was a hobby, says the paint-stained smock 
lounging on the floor; 
Along with music too, the sheets of music 
neatly piled on a piano stand; 
She was very clumsy, says the half-broken knee-pads and helmets 
in her family’s garage resting softly. 
Was she okay? says the empty tissue box 
with its content covering the floors, looking like popcorn; 
Was her heart broken? says the broken pencils 
thrown about the carpeted floor; 
Perhaps she was sick? says the messy sheets,  
cast on her bedroom floor like icing spread on a cake. 
Why, she was perfectly fine, says the toothpaste, recently used 
upon the bathroom shelf; 
She was a bright and joyful child, says the fresh paint 
on a smooth canvas; 
So much so, she thought people could fly, says the swing set 
Frequently used for the past decade, perched in the yard; 
Her family believed in her, says the photographs of the fair-haired family, 
Posted in a scrapbook; 
Why, she was perfectly fine, they all say. 

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by me looking at the items throughout my house, and imagining what they would say. It was also written to give hope to people. That you are fine, perfectly fine, and everything from your mother down to the toothpaste on the shelf.

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