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My Niche

June 4, 2019
By TimberW0LF SILVER, Bushkill, Pennsylvania
TimberW0LF SILVER, Bushkill, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"If they want to win, make them prove that they are better than you!" - Wrestling Mindset

Pretending to fit in

It’s what I do

It’s my thing

My niche

I’m that football player, wrestler, and track runner

I’m that Class President, School Board Rep., and Mascot

I’m that Honors kid, taking AP classes and planning for College

I’m that kid that says he does drugs but really doesn’t

I try to fit in so bad, I just want to belong

But just because you join a group of people

Doesn’t mean they like you

It’s just a couple more people who know you

A couple more people who acknowledge your existence

I worked hard to get where I am

But I’m not happy

I went from being at the bottom

To being at the bottom with a slightly larger group of people


Somewhere beyond the stars

I’m flying but I’m not soaring

Fitting in when no one wants you to

Fitting in when you can’t

Fitting in when you’re surrounded by people who put you down

That’s me, I’m Will

It’s what I do, It’s my thing, My niche

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