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Lost Lament

April 16, 2019
By CZ GOLD, Olympia, Washington
CZ GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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the law is reason free from passion

Lost and drifting in time

He gives the hourglass one last turn

It's been months that his mind has been traveling

In a world continuously unraveling

His journal a labyrinth of secrets that only he would know


Dreams his escape; from nothing but reality

distant memories of better times

a lovers lament; a gilded page

but all joy drowned out

when the morning lights rose


Such a life without joy

sent his sorrows to flow

onto the journal and through his pen

to the end of his sorrow


His hourglass emptied

His mind completely lost

in relentless waves of depression

scattered in different expanses of the world


but the waves settled

and his ink dripped

his mind reconnected

and joy was what he found


prayers through cracked lips

thankful for being saved

forgiveness seemed mutual as he heard the music lift


Now happy, each day he would rise

to look anew on the journals last unfinished page

he remembers not the dreary, hopeless, days

but the sound of music that led him to see

no one is forsaken that their fortune cannot turn


and so he blessed the last unfinished page

for it was the day his sorrow turned to joy

with passions that flow,

from his heart onto his page

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