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I'm That Girl

April 12, 2019
By Sarahx15 PLATINUM, Brandon, South Dakota
Sarahx15 PLATINUM, Brandon, South Dakota
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"Someday everything will make perfect sense. So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason." - Art Thomas

I’m that girl you don’t even know

I’m that girl you gave a passing glance to

I’m that girl who actually listens to the teachers

I’m that girl most kids judge as (eyeroll) “too smart for us”

I’m that girl who hears everything you say, but doesn’t reply

I’m that girl who is kind of shy unless around close friends & family

I’m that girl who has a crush on someone who’ll never feel the same way

I’m that girl who listens to Twenty-One Pilots, Maroon 5, and Imagine Dragons

I’m that girl who is always stuck in a fictional book, because it’s better than my reality

I’m that girl who loves animals, because they don’t drag me down like people

I’m that girl who “annoyedly” corrects your grammar issues all the time

I’m that girl who smiles all the time, but is not all that happy

I’m that girl who seems stuck up, but really isn’t

I’m that girl you judged much too quickly

I’m that girl you don’t even know

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