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Ode to a Mother

April 2, 2019
By Mauv_Mamba BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
Mauv_Mamba BRONZE, Lacey, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
" Wakanda Foreva!"
- King T'Challa (2018)

A beauty—

A miraculous creation of God— an orange rose bloomed.

Your eyes light up my world.


As I struggle through the torment life brings, you urge me forward with the push of your hand.

And it’s fair— as I begin to struggle as you have—

The hips that cracked in two, a chest ran barren with each time you held me to your heart.


Me, but a shadow wandering this world, allergic to the Sun,

You are my warmth.


I love you, a woman who needed NO man,

You chose to love me still.

Without judgement, without fail.


Please, live forever.


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