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March 3, 2019
By BHewitt BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
BHewitt BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Coming through the fine mist

We were greeted

By all the kings and queens of feeling;

The deities of sounds;

The great musicians;

Some dead, some living;

Some old, some young;

Clad in bright garb, neon and reflective
of the sun’s glassy rays;

All of them gliding effusively about 

Between the glittering towers

And above the stark streets, snaking below like serpentine streamers

Supporting the weight of a million

And a trillion austere faces.

And all of the singers flew

Supported by their whimsical kites,

Buoyed by great fans, or jets, or rockets

That roared and rasped, coughing clouds of 

Smothering dust;

They flew for love;

The love of love;

And smiled, revealing their organizer;

My cherished princess, My love;

Who looked, for a brief moment, deep into my eyes with those glimmering emeralds,

A wistful visage wearing,

Before moving up.

And the singers followed,

One and all,

Gleefully spiraling

Like mad birds

High into the sky,

To reach the heavens

And begin their new life

Alone with the wind.

The author's comments:

Benjamin Hewitt is an 11th grade student from Los Angeles, CA.  He has been a musician for the past eight years and recently released his first full length album with his band, Late Ship.  Over the past two years, he has been further developing his skills as a lyricist and poet, including being accepted into the Iowa Young Writer’s studio for Poetry.  

Alone With The Wind was inspired by a lucid dream.

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