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Ode to feelings

February 25, 2019
By briannamoreno SILVER, Sacramento, California
briannamoreno SILVER, Sacramento, California
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"Go until you lose¨ - Albert einstein.

Feelings are like colors

There are many of them.

From the way you feel towards your passionate first love,

To a day were you get your damaged heart broken and all you feel is sadness.

From a day were your moving schools

And feel nervous to meet new people,

To leaving a gorgeous familiar place behind.

A minute you feel fine the next you wish to not speak.

My notebook speaks more than I could say.

I hesitate doing things once or twice a day,

Just like my eraser erases my mistakes.

A song expresses the author's past

Well this ode will not speak mine.

My mind is full of dangerous thoughts ,

Im scared that my words will eat me alive.

The mind is a really dark and in a heartbeat

We could all just drop off the mask.

We all work hard to put up a face, maybe writing this page might be a mistake .

I cry for help yet there's no one to be heard in this dearfull world.

My pen hugs my hand ,

As if it were my best friend but it's okay ,

He's the only one I can trust with these silly thoughts.

The author's comments:

This piece was made in a time of my life where i was feeling like my feelings were taking over me .I know im not the only one to feel this way.

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