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My Family Garden

February 18, 2019
By SKIUSA SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
SKIUSA SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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Love is like a garden bed for my family and me.  We have never let a plant die in the garden bed. The fun that we have had making our garden bed will never be forgotten.  The care we have given has created bright and healthy plants. We have created a connection that other lack, the garden bed is a place to see us grow and a place where the seeds have been sowed.  

You have to set sail from your garden bed at one point in your life.  Sometimes you float and sometimes you sink. But your family's love is always there for you whether you sink or float.  The love from your family will make you a steady garden for others to grow; no matter how many storms you encountered. There are many storms that you will encounter but no storm will make you less of what you are.

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