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Water in the Desert

February 8, 2019
By lemons-all-the-way-down BRONZE, Fort Smith, Arkansas
lemons-all-the-way-down BRONZE, Fort Smith, Arkansas
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"The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast." - Oscar Wilde

I am alone

The world is utterly


Deaf to me as I am to it

I should listen, I should seek, I should plead for sanctuary

And yet

I do nothing

I am alone

In a space, in a span of


A sea of grit as far as the eye can see

The heat should burn, the wind should smother, debris should pierce my skin

And yet

I feel nothing

I am alone

And suddenly, a glimmer of


An oasis on the far horizon

In your water I see calm, in your shade I see safety, then I move to touch

And yet

You are nothing

I am alone

In the middle of my


As your image fades, I recall

Why the light is out of reach, not for me, never for me

And I remember

I am nothing

And I deserve every grain of sand that strikes me

The author's comments:

My name is Liz and I've been writing poetry for years but have never felt confident enough to share it with others. This is the first poem I've ever publically shared and I apologize if it isn't very good. However, I had fun writing it and I think that's all that what really counts. 

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