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People Like Me

February 1, 2019
By tburke BRONZE, Telford, Pennsylvania
tburke BRONZE, Telford, Pennsylvania
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I stand there staring as

the grandfather clock ticks.

A light breeze blows in from a window.

I can make out dots of light

across the calm river,

there must be others like me.

People who can’t sleep

when there is an empty house

sitting, waiting for them.

People who dream

that one day they will

find the love of their life.

People who wish to

never have another lonely day again.

People who hope that

one day they will achieve

all of their heart’s desires.

Never the practical ones,

the hopers,

the wishers,

the dreamers.

People like me.

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by the painting Flight Pattern by Rob Evans. 

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