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Chasing Whales

January 13, 2019
By InkyOwl GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
InkyOwl GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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Where Words fail, Music speaks.
~Hans Christian Anderson

As the day begins to close 
I find myself between the rows 
Of golden sun and dappled trees 
Midst dancing light and trembling leaves 

Setting fire burns the sky 
Whilst framing gulls with scarlet dye 
A geyser springs from distant view 
Mist rising through the fading hue 

Sprint past pines and crumbling rock 
To jump the gate, ignore the lock 
I follow pull of creaking waves 
And seek the salty breeze I crave 

Leap from sand and slice through blue 
The liquid life that cyclones brew 
I take a breath, the sting dies down 
Why sink to swim or breathe to drown? 

I know they're close: the current pulls 
A gentle rocking, drifting lulls 
Me; farther from the foaming shore 
Far from a freedom held no more 

Holding tight to trace the lines 
Each scar a story set to rhyme 
I hear the groan of secrets deep 
As I am lured back to sleep 

Old tongues forged and lost with moons 
Still cry for years and memories strewn 
It cleaves to hearts and steals my soul 
As I embrace their pleadings whole 

Above worlds and lands below 
The caps weave inward, tides aglow 
A cratered man bids me goodnight 
And cradles us with silver light

The author's comments:

This is the edited version. :)

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