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December 13, 2018
By suga_yoongi_agustd SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
suga_yoongi_agustd SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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we fight each day, a never ending battle, life is the butcher, and we are the cattle

whats the point of trying

when you are bound to fall

whats the point of crying

when there  is nothing you can do at all

as the days go by

i feel like i fade

i cant even keep track

of all my pain

most of the time 

when i walk down the hall

within this big ol school

i feel so small

i only have 3 friends

3 friends is all

and even with them i feel small

sometimes i wanna cry

and cut my wrist

because everthing in this world

makes me so pissed

but then i remember 

all i own

and i may live in a houes

that doesnt feel liuke a home

at least i have somewhere to go

when i feel all alone

right now i may not care 

but i hape someday

my life will seem fair

The author's comments:

i wrote this cause right now at school not everyone is being kind

and by me writing a poem i can say how i feel so that way i dont end uo getting into a fight 

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