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Slam the Door, Walk Right out of My Life

December 1, 2018
By MaKayla_Schultz51702 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
MaKayla_Schultz51702 SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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One more time

Just one more time

You think you can come back to me

Like nothing ever happened


I slammed the door in your face and built a wall so that way I can’t be reached

Your bags and suitcases stumbling the same way I lived my life


Falling and rolling down this torturous game of life

But you were never here to see that


You were too busy blinded by uncertainty

Blinded that we share DNA

Blinded by the fact that I’m his daughter

The he who left on November 2nd 2002

In a ditch

Surrounded by car parts

He who left us because he had decided to drink and drive

Look at what a great job you did of raising him

For him to cause so much destruction

Carelessly ending his own life

I’m glad I don’t have you in my life

You would've raised me to cause chaos


I was raised by a loving mother

And only a mother

I didn’t have her other family to support me

They don’t love me

And I sure as hell didn’t have you to be my family either because

You don’t love me

And you weren’t there working endlessly to provide for me

You didn’t work to put a meal in front of me everyday

You weren’t there when 70 hours of work still wasn’t enough

And when the lights were shut off, no touchscreen available, and no television to watch, you weren’t there to light the candles

Laughing, playing, enjoying life at its worst

With the person who you love the most

My mother

The one who raised me to be independent and to live my life freely

To not have to rely on anyone else
To not have my heartbroken by anyone

And watch them walk

Right out the door and leave



You did

The author's comments:

On November 2nd, 2002 my father has died from a car crash when I was 6 months old. His family had ignored the letters that were sent to them by my mother, who tried to have them apart of my life. When I was 8 they finally decided to meet me for the first time, that was the last time I ever saw them. They do not believe I am his child, but I see myself in him. My nose, my chin, my ears too all resemble his. I believe I am his child, but I do not consider them family after walking out on me. 

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