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December 1, 2018
By christina000000 BRONZE, Roswell, Georgia
christina000000 BRONZE, Roswell, Georgia
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Cool currents of cumulus come, pushed along by God’s breath

To cover the last golden threads of His will, and I,

Supine and drifting in tears, am left to divine our past and future.

I consider firstly the transient nature of the skies

And how they must learn to carry your tidings.

Too quickly, my lungs close with grief and I choke.

Coughing streaks that wreak sorrow up my throat,

My heartstrings catch in the crashing course of companionship.

Carefully, I pull myself ashore and circle back to cherished moments.

While I cast off both wet sleeves,

Recount to your mother our escapades that still carouse,

Careen, and canter in memory during these quiet hours.

Sharing in shrill playful shrieks and shows of sheer ambition,

That night at the festival, standing shoulder-to-shoulder smiling,

Our passions showered tenfold.

No clairvoyant need comprehend our chronicles

Any more than these crying eyes have, I say, shaking.

Our karmic bond shall be cut short.

Invoking the name of higher power, I ask that you

Listen for me in the morning chirrups calling from your naked mountain rock.

I’ve found you here, dancing in the shallow summer shadows in rosy hues.

Staring now, crossly, at darkened clouds,

I discover fresh luck in red lightning traversing the heavens,

Sojourning to send you my message.

The rhododendrons by my house are blooming at this time of year.

Enjoy them on your way back.

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