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November 5, 2018
By mythologynerd SILVER, Meridian, Idaho
mythologynerd SILVER, Meridian, Idaho
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Favorite Quote:
'Better to let people think you a fool, then to open your mouth and prove it"

-Abraham Linclon

Life is a wreck.

A need of spirit and of God.

One may rest indefinitely only if one is pure.

Or so they say.

I believe that people have lied.

I believe that religions may be wrong,

Or they may be right.

One may believe what they will,

But the truth is that no one knows.

Death, much like life, is a mystery.

An endless novel with ever increasing crimes.

A death can’t be reversed.

Life can’t be taken.

Only faith in a higher power,

And power of will can bridge the gap.

Or it can make it farther if misused.

Rest well children.

Your life has just begun.

The author's comments:

This poem is the truth. Whether you believe to believe it or not is your choice.

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