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October 24, 2018
By est16 DIAMOND, Hewitt, Texas
est16 DIAMOND, Hewitt, Texas
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I begin washing dishes

Floating in the water like fishes

A dull, yellow sponge; dripping

With cold, foamy soap; sipping

The dirty edges and curves

Making up the dishes’ nerves

Once the dishes are clean

They sit on the rack; their shiny glean

Brightens across the kitchen counter

Reflecting against the dirty process
they encounter

Of a family scraping, eating off plates

And cups and utensils, in increasing rates

At times, the plates rattle

Warning signs; herding the cups and utensils like cattle

Warning them, of their fate

Of being holders of food and drink; 

It’s too late!

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About a "chore" I tend to enjoy

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