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October 19, 2018
By Samazing BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Samazing BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Everything is numbers.

Your worth and intelligence are measured by numbers in a gradebook.

Your body is made up of numbers that are ever increasing; height, weight, age.

Your life is measured by percentages, probabilities. How high are your chances of getting hit by a car? How likely is it that you and you alone hold the key to finding a cure to cancer?

The only thing in life that isn't measured by numbers is you. Who you are as a person, what you like, who you like...

That's all up to you.

Our generation is so focused, so dependant on numbers. I hope that one day we can learn to stop counting.

The author's comments:

For someone who sucks at math, I spend a lot of time thinking about numbers. I've struggled with counting calories and pounds, I've felt worthless because my grades weren't good enough, and I frequently find myself panicking over the probability of something terrible happening. I wrote this because I wanted to try to convey to myself and others that who we are? Isn't reflected in numbers. Grades don't show intelligence, weight doesn't correlate with worth or beauty, and our decisions can affect every possibility there is in a day. All that matters is that you stay true to yourself, and don't focus on what numbers say about you.

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