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Lock and Key

October 3, 2018
By Shayla.Long DIAMOND, Louisville, Kentucky
Shayla.Long DIAMOND, Louisville, Kentucky
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There is a lock in every person 

And there is also a key. 

Whether you fine your key or someone gives you theirs, that's the mystery. 

Because every once in a while someones key doesn't fit. 

You have to find the key that will have enough strength to to make a sound deep inside your lock. 

Our lives are spent finding the key that fits. 

Everyone has a lock and a key. 

I kept trying to shove my key through my lock, and it never worked. I never was enough. 

Then you came along, your key twisting and turning but your lock never clicked. 

As our hearts grew closer together, and our brains binded, our moods became brighter, and it felt normal. 

Then, almost all at once, our locks clicked. 

We found that our keys fit each other, and our walls came tumbling down. 

But I have to warn you that you cant have your key back. 

So i hope that you will stay with me, forever. 

I, too, willl never take back my key. 

You unlocked me to the world. 

Now, I can see color, I can feel the rain on my skin, and have words come from my fingertips.

Because of you, for you, always to you. 

So stay, keep unlocking my heart. keep unwinding my veins. 

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