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Every Blade Of Grass

September 18, 2018
By notTopher SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
notTopher SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes."-Alan Watts

I spent a little time on the mountain

But I didn’t go there to win

The sun was so dark

It wasn’t mild or stark

Against the blood red sky

I was drawn there by chance

And a heavenly dance

Played by the sun and the moon

A twirl and a dip

Had told me to take a trip

But didn’t tell me where to go

Soon I found myself surrounded

By magical mushrooms

And beautiful flower blooms

I felt a rumble beneath my feet

The mines were dry but the miners didn’t stop digging

The tunnels cut deep

And so the wounds in my heart

And I would do anything

I would shout and chant and sing

To ward off the advance

Of civilization

But there was nothing to be done

So I waved goodbye to the sun

And headed down the cliff side

But as I hiked down the slope

I saw into the city on the horizon

I saw something so terrible even Satan would not wish upon anyone

I saw hands 

And I saw tear stained faces

Reaching up but not quite touching the promised land

I saw pawns in the street

They had dirty faces

And bloodied feet

As I approached this scene

My vision was interrupted

By a hunter emerging

With his poor mind corrupted

He said I can save your mortal soul

He was a headhunter

Depraved beyond reality

And anyone could see

From the blood on his hands

He had just finished a spree

He had ripped out

Freedom’s bearing heart

Cast it away and torn it apart

As he reached for mine

A beautiful woman found us

Her golden hair blew in the wind

Shining down like water

She beckoned us towards her

How could I say no to an angel?

But I glimpsed something painful

A dagger gleaming in her belt

No words could express what I felt

As I watched what happened next

The blood chased me down the hill

A question burned in my mind

A question that ever will

If people understood

What freedom really is

Would they choose to take it?

I pondered this as I travelled down

The mountain moonlit

The emerald forest gave way

To grassy foothills

Which must have been beautiful

Under light of day

But now they had an eerie mist

Which concealed the hamlet Elville

The children had been put to bed

And all business was finished

And so at this hour Elville stood still

All that remained in the streets

Were old mystics smoking hemp

And having discussions

That would ultimately go nowhere

The people of this town were notorious for being forever consumed by that mantra of feeling alright

I had no intention of staying the night

But I was stopped during my trek

By a man wearing crimson robes

He was trying to start a fire

So I explained to him there’s a much easier way to start it

And I didn’t know if his sorcery

Would help him very much

He gave me a meaningful look

He said “I know, it can’t stop my wonder. How do we know science isn’t fueled by magic?”

I thought this was gibberish

You waste time so effortlessly

And it seems we are too consumed with ourselves that we no longer experience life as it presents itself

I continued my journey in a hurry

When I left the stony street

There was no path to follow

The grass was soft between my feet

But I was disturbed by the events that had transpired

I saw my home on the horizon

And I suddenly grew very tired

I couldn’t go any farther

I laid down in the soft grass

I realized how lonely I truly am

Only one question burned still

Is every blade of grass expected to fend for itself?

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