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August 20, 2018
By Wysocki_1 BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
Wysocki_1 BRONZE, Springfield, Illinois
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Help me the walls are caving in

Afraid to be alone again I hate this

Help me i’m crawling in my skin

Losing my mind slowly

Help me I feel like giving up

No balance between life and death

Help me I can’t stop the thoughts. . .

There rushing through my brain

Help me i’m engrossed in the pain

Help me I want to be normal again

Like I was before this

Help me my life’s been turned upside down

I wish it was right side up

Help me i’m breaking down

I feel like i’ve been destroyed by a freight train

Help me the anxiety’s k-killing me

Help me I need someone now

To pull me out of this bottomless pit

Help me i’m descending rapidly

I want to re-emerge from this pit

Help me I need to find a way to stop it

It’s killing me

Help me the walls are caving in

I’m afraid to be alone again I hate this

Help me I don’t want to be deserted

With this anxiety

Help me this anxiety is killing me

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Luminous_ GOLD said...
on Aug. 27 2018 at 11:35 pm
Luminous_ GOLD, Auburn, California
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I love this poem so much oh my gosh

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