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Drops of Golden Sunshine

August 1, 2018
By Nazaninsoghrati BRONZE, Richmond Hill, Ontario
Nazaninsoghrati BRONZE, Richmond Hill, Ontario
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We collect drops of golden sunshine in our crystal jars
And sell them to the men in black suits
The ones with the rigid ties and shiny cars
The tight-smiled ones, the icy-eyed ones
They pay us in pennies-- corroded, old pennies
But our eyes twinkle as we watch the coins cascade
One by one,
Into our hands that are not used to the cold metal
Our nails are caked with stardust
But we clasp every coin
And perfume ourselves with their metallic aroma -- a sharp, chilly aroma
We breathe in deep and heartily laugh
For perhaps today will finally be the day that we can rip open our pockets
In hopes of owning one of their shiny cars
The ones that gleam like the silver curls of the moon
The gleam that was just reflecting the excitement in our own eyes

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