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Bonnie and Clyde

July 17, 2018
By WritingTheWriteWay PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
WritingTheWriteWay PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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"They laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at them because they're all the same"(Kurt Cobain).

Bonnie and Clyde,


Speeding off and freezing

Time with our minds,


Fight and the ever exceeding happiness

To just be, be be...



Crimes unmarked,

Crimes we made

That are not in the law book,

We should have stayed.

Some kind of lies

We always squander free of.


Bonnie and Clyde,

No mistakes,

Or you shall surely fall

Into a deep black hole,

It only takes one greedy mistake,

Or even an hndercover mole.


Onward, you see,

So far,

There is only light in front

Of both you amd me.

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