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May 17, 2018
By LordKael BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
LordKael BRONZE, Olympia, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
And out of the darkness, there came many cries,
And each was the same, filled with death and demise.
The cause of such pain was the sword of doom,
The obsidian blade, Ada'rn Vokum.

A long time ago, but not too long,
There was a rich man who enjoyed all song.
He loved music so much, he’d listen all day,
Until a man approached him, and did say:

‘What beautiful music, I hear on your grounds,
But do you want to hear even more amazing sounds?’
'Why yes, of course!’, the rich man did say,
And so the unknown bard began to play.

The brilliant music that was then made,
Was no doubt the best that was ever played.
The rich man was astounded, he could not believe,
This amazing music, he desperately did need.

When the wondrous bard his song did cease,
The rich man cried out, 'Keep playing, please!’
He gave the bard, all of his gold,
Even his estate, he had sold.

The bard shook his head, it was not enough,
He looked at this wealth, and did huff.
He did not want these material riches,
He desired a payment as wicked as witches.

The bard, now a demon, wanted his soul,
While his own, if existent, must be black as coal.
The demon said, ‘let it be determined by chance,
These difficult choices it so does enhance’.

‘Heads I win, tails I lose’
The rich man wished he’d be able to choose.
The demon flipped a coin, it spun in the air,
The rich man said a quick sincere prayer.

As soon as the coin came crashing down,
It was visible to all, it was a head with a frown.
And for this horrible luck, who was to blame?
The demon laughed loudly, both sides were the same.

The author's comments:

Made in about an hour.

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on Mar. 30 2019 at 11:44 pm
Fate-S-F BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
no one knows what will happen tomorrow, but things might change, use your time with your loved ones.

oh my god, it's amazing. Thank you the rhymes really made my day.

on Aug. 11 2018 at 5:03 pm
OneSeven-billionth PLATINUM, Westerville, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Writing does not resurrect, it buries." - John Green
"We are all just barnacles on the container ship of consciousness."-John Green

The rhymes run together so smoothly, really well done :)