My Starlight Girl

February 25, 2018
By BeckyForever44 BRONZE, Levin, Other
BeckyForever44 BRONZE, Levin, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Though my soul may set in darkness it will rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night".
- Sarah Williams, The Old Astronomer

"Where is she? Where is she?
My beautiful starlight girl."
"She's away with the Faeries", you sing.
"Long lost in yonder year,
She's away with the Faeries".

"Where, oh, where is my beautiful starlight girl?"
Soaring with the wind on earthbound feet.
"She's away with the Faeries".

"Oh my beautiful starlight girl?
Where art thou?
You are so clear to me,
Moonlight cascading down your back,
My startling moonlit girl.”

"She's away with the Faeries.
The Faeries. The Fey. The Fair. The Folk.
Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing,
She's gone, gone, gone, gone.
She taken, stolen,
Swapped and changed
She's away with the Faeries."

"Oh my beautiful starlight girl.
So free with her head thrown back,
Hair rippling, shining like a molten mirror,
Drinking in the light of her stars,
Drunk on the glory of the moon,
Dizzy in the vastness of Night.
Spinning, Spinning, Dancing, Dancing
Free in the beam of silver.”

“Oh my beautiful starlight girl,
Where, where, where must you be?
Above and beyond mortal bounds,
Are you lying in the Night?
Joining your sisters in the Night?
Are the souls of the forever lost your family now?
The bright rips in the fabric of the universe."

"Lost she is, your starlight girl".
"Don't mock"
"Mock, you say?
Oh never.
Never, never,never never, ever mock you.
You never, never, never, never, ever find your starlight girl!"

"Oh my beautiful starlight girl,
Are you safe?"
"Safe? she's away with the Faeries!
The Faeries. The Fey. The Fair. The Folk
In a land more cold and starkly beautiful than starlight.
She's away, away, away, far, far away.
Over land and UnderHill,
With its path to Hell.
She's gone,gone,gone, GONE."

"My beautiful starlight girl?"
"She's away with the Faeries.
She'll dance and dance and wear her feet to stumps.
Where it is wild and free,
With a bright, firelight people,
Bright like acid,
Smiles like poison.
Cruel we are,
Cruel we were,
Cruel we will always be!
Poisonous truths and twisted untruths,
We cannot lie.”

“She's away with the Faeries.
Over land and UnderHill,
With its path to Hell.
In a place where no man has ever been,
No man has ever lived with sanity as a companion.

With its path to Hell.

She's away with the Faeries.
The Fey. The Fair. The Folk. The Cruel. The Deadly.
The spawn of demons,
The spawn of angels,
The wickedness of Lucifer,
The beauty of Michael.
The chaos of eternity.

She's away with the Faeries.
Dancing, dancing, sleeping, sleeping."

"Are you safe my love, my life, my soul,
My beautiful starlight girl."
Over the stars and UnderHill.

"She's gone, isn't she?
My love, my life, my soul,
My beautiful starlight girl."

"She's was away with the Faeries.
You knew her I think.
In yonder year, a girl of starlight,
Possessed of a moonshone soul.
Stolen, taken,
Swapped and changed."

"Her soul you stole.
You stole of her a moonlight soul?"

"She was a starlight girl I think you knew.
She was away with the Faeries.
She was ravaged and stolen and cheated,
This girl you used to know."

"Knew? I knew?"
"Yes. You knew."

"Be safe my one,
My beautiful starlight girl."

"You knew her, you did.
Now you won't,
Now you don't 
Over the stars and UnderHill.

Now she's fading, fading, fading.
Now she's slipping, slipping,slipping,
Reaching, reaching for you, for her,
For the light of her stars and the vastness of Night,
For her soul of moonlight and for you. You.
Reaching for you as she fades, fades, fades."

"Are you safe?"
"No", she says.
"Not when away with the Faeries.
Over land and UnderHill,
With its eternal dancing,
The Wild Hunt flowing across the sky.

I'm away in Faerieland.
The land Under the Hill,
Fading, fading".

"Be safe, my one, my only."

"Never, never.
I was away with the Faeries.
I was away with the Faeries.
Thrilled with danger,
Filled with poison.
Now I am here in the stars,
Now I am away from you.”

Over land and Under the Hill,
Through the stars and across the skies.
She's fading, fading, fading.

The author's comments:

I hope it gets people to think about the darker sides and origins of the mythical beings and stories that we were told as children. The Faeries are sort of a representation of the darker sides of humanity and I want people to see that. I also just want them to enjoy the writing!

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