Forest Fires

January 30, 2018

Forest fires, forest fires,
Matches lit by livid liars.
Burning birds in burning trees
Tweet their mournful melodies.
“Pray for those the fires ignite
For them we live, for them we fight”
Abandoned fights and earnest prayer
Disappear into thin air.
Air feeds flame and flame leaps high,
Devours earth, devours sky,
Devours time, devours sense,
Devours all means of defense.

Forest fires, forest fires.
Freedom-seekers, runners, criers
Gaze into the searing red,
Mouths agape, eyes full of dread.
Each cry rings louder, each a name,
Not rally cries, but cries of blame.
And as each victim nears the end,
Not one of them seeks out a friend.
They push, they shove, they run, they fight,
They strain their eyes against the light,
Searching for a glint of green,
A sweet salvation yet unseen.
But fires come and people fall,
As the sparks envelop all.

Forest fires, forest fires,
Lessons our dear world requires.
May we not, amidst the flame,
Resort to fear, resort to blame.
May we remember, in our hate,
We all are marching to one fate.
Forest fires, may we not run.
May we rise up and fight as one.

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