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Sleeping on the Shore

December 15, 2016
By Palindrome PLATINUM, Reedley, California
Palindrome PLATINUM, Reedley, California
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She stands on sand, sun's scorching rays

She stays upon the shore for days

She braves the clouds that steal the light

She sleeps upon the shore at night


The crashing waves live just to spite her

There she stays, alert, despite her

Beating heart that will not rest

That bloody mess inside her breast.


I left her there upon that shore

So many months and years before

I held those hands that wind and gale

Have made to rot and thin and pale


I left her there, and out to sea

Went I, but on the shore was she

I left her there to stand in hell

My worst mistake, I said farewell.


She stayed on shore, she had to be

Close to ocean, close to me.

She slept on sands till morning light

I slept on bloody rocks that night


I slept beneath the ocean's foam

I broke my promise, won't come home

My heart was stopped with ocean tears

And has been for these many years


She slept on shore, as she still does

She stays upon the shore because

I'll be back soon, the voices say,

If only she waits one more day


But my one fear is that she'll find

The lies that bounce around her mind

And me being her only home

She'll sleep with me beneath the foam


How long till she decides she's dead?

I have to live inside her head

I am the voice that her hope drives,

Telling her that I'm alive


For if I don't, she'll understand

And sleep in waves at her own hand

My hell and heaven happen here

Whispering inside her ear


But one day nature must have pity

Sending her into my city

Then we'll meet upon the land

Finally I'll take her hand.


On the sandy shore she'll fall

I'll never hear the ocean's call

The ocean is an evil ghost

Who stole the one she loves the most


Who makes me give this hope galore

That keeps her standing on the shore

That keeps her from the ocean's floor

For she can't stand for so much more.


One day we will meet again

Although we'll both be dead by then

But till that day she's full of fright

And sleeps upon the shore at night.

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