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The Girl Who Died

January 11, 2016
By rachela12 BRONZE, Stoughton, Massachusetts
rachela12 BRONZE, Stoughton, Massachusetts
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This is the tale of a girl who died.
She couldn't take life; as hard as she tried.

And as she withered into a spirit roaming the earth,
She saw many wonders, and their infinite worth.

She traveled over the sea, stopping to gaze into the tide.
She glided over mountains, on her fantastical ride.

She traveled to forests, bounced from tree to tree,
Smiling with joy--for she was wild and free.

She lived among the stars, and bathed in the light,
Soaring into the sky through the magic of flight.

She looked at all the little people, and studied their little lives,
And noticed their insignificance, yet will to survive.

She looked down at humanity, with it's hope in each day.
She wondered, pondered, and wished she had stayed.

On the lovely earth that she left in a haze,
With it's tiny infinities in a matter of days.

She wished she could return, to share the wonders she now knew,
To tell her former self all the things she should do.

To tell herself that despite her insignificance, despite her little part,
Humanity needs her, as her life is an art.

She is one with the tide, she is one with the trees,
She is one with the mountains, she now sees this with ease.
Her little infinity, in a matter of days
Meant so much to so many, even in her haze.

The traveling girl flew to a special place one night,
Into the dream of her old self--a treacherous flight.

To examine closely the life she once had,
To talk, to share; to ask why she was sad.

She met with herself, and consoled the young girl.
And decided to take her on a wonderful whirl.
She took her over the mountains and across the sea,
She flew around the stars, and took her under the trees.

She told her: "I once thought the same way as you,
I thought I was worthless in my point of view,
But I realize now that I was so wrong,
And life's really worth living all along.
I saw the magic of the earth, and saw my importance within it,
I know now that I matter, and there is no way to spin it.
But ain't it a shame I had to end it all
To truly see the beauty of life after all.
You, you're still here, and now you know the deal
Your life is art, despite how you feel.
Things will get better, just give it time,
You don't have to be the best to be in your prime."

So the girl woke up, and took advice from her friend.
She decided that her life would not come to an end.
And the traveling girl died, or rather ceased to exist.
But the wonders of life continued to persist.
And the girl saw all those wonders, through the course of many years.
For she decided to live, and conquer her fears.

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