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And God said...My song belongs to all.

September 12, 2015
By BetsyJ GOLD, Vellore, Other
BetsyJ GOLD, Vellore, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Apt words have power to suage the tumours of a troubled mind.

- Milton.

Carry my song up the mountain, 

carry my stories through the storms,

safeguard my symphony from violence and

release my tune to the wild.


Take my tale far and wide,

gather the infants the foolish and the wise,

share it to the ignorant, the brave and the shy

in their hearts, let it linger awhile....

sow my seeds albeit the land is dry.


Play my rhythm to the deaf,

show my scars to the blind,

whistle my fables to the mute, and

whisper them to the slow in mind.


Let me be known in places far-flung,

to all of other beliefs.

They are free to act right or wrong, 

after my song has been sung.

The author's comments:

This poem is written from a christian perspective about God's message spreading to all through his people. 

It is also about free-will and the decisions that one has the liberty to make about one's actions whether right or wrong even after being given the chance of knowing what is truly right.

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