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A Poem For My Big Brother

August 27, 2015
By futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
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"And though she be but little, she is fierce."- Shakespeare

You were the strength that kept me pushing on
You were the hand that held my own
You were the chords that began my song
And the love I had never known


You were the sweetness in my dreams
You were the magic in my stars
You were the stitching in my seams
And the reason I went far


You held me up when I was falling
You took my hand and walked with me
You always listened for my calling
And shone the light so I could see


You taught me truth among the lies
You told me I should speak out loud
You taught me to say no to guys
And never walk with my head bowed


You scolded me when I did wrong
You smiled when I did right
Your actions said love suffers long
And is always worth the fight


You held me close those days I cried
You protected me when danger appeared
You never, never left my side
And bravely faced those things you feared


You adopted me inside your heart
You told me 'you are mine'
You're far away but we're never apart
And 3,000 miles away, I'm fine


You are more than the world to me
You're my heart, my hope, my friend
You're more than a brother could ever be
And your strength will never bend

A hero, that is what you are
You always bring me home
You welcome me with open arms
No matter how far I roam


You love me and I love you
That's a Barney&Friends rhyme
But I know the fact is true
Your love for me will never die

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